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An Indie RP blog of Lyle Norg, aka Invisible Kid, of "The Legion of Superheroes," Reboot Continuity. Sometimes NSFW.

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Jacques couldn't help but smirk slightly, "They do not have to know," He told him, "In fact, I was not planning on telling Black Hole at all."

Lyle blinked at his brother, eyes widening slightly. “Not at all? Jacques… You don’t need to do that. You could get in serious trouble if they find out you’re withholding information…” He said, concern putting a strain in his tone.

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This is for setphaserstostucky
Though it became less nsfw and more fluff D: SORRY


This is for setphaserstostucky

Though it became less nsfw and more fluff D: SORRY

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The only option that she had was going to the future. Any reason that she could have had to stay in the 21st century was gone or had moved on so completely as to be unrecognizable to her, never mind her own startling change. She could not go completely back to her own time, though. That was just as impossible as staying in the past. So she went a third route. To the future, but not so far, the 31st century. 

the computer systems of the 31st century were more advanced than anything from the 21st, but it was still comparable to child’s play to hack into the citizenship files and create an identity for herself. Of course… it all took a little longer because she could not directly interface herself, but that was alright.

Indigo Dox was a good name. and she looked just different enough that despite the same surname, it would take someone who knew Brainiac 5 well to make the connection between them. 

Now for an occupation. All that she knew, from both segments of her life, was how to be a soldier and how to be a hero. Indigo was certainly not going to be a soldier. She couldn’t bury herself again, and she would not knowingly kill a sentient being again. There was enough blood on her hands already.

So… that left hero. 

Indigo caught the next flight to Legion world. Hopefully, the rules would not be so strict as she could vaguely remember them being from the history files. The members of the Legion that were supremely intelligent were focused on science, theory, not warfare. Perhaps they would find a need for a strategist and hacker… 

Being on Legion world was more exhilarating than Indigo thought possible. She was living history, her own family’s history, the history that she wanted to emulate. Would not that “tweak the noses” of her father and the others in the collective at home…. and if only…. best not think on it. She rubbed her forehead, lifting her bangs slightly to reveal the faded scars that made a trio of circles on her forehead, making the points of a triangle, for a moment. she settled her hair again, bangs fully covering her forehead. 

now… which way to the main office… or the equivalent thereof….

"Can I help you?" 

She’d caught his attention instantly. Flights to Legion World were monitored well, and, quite frankly, a Coluan-like being raised a few eyebrows. Well, at least one pair specifically. Their last Coluan interaction had ended with Brainiac 5 being speared through the gut. 

Lyle was not going to allow that to happen ever again. 

But it was quite clear this woman (she looked physically female, at least) wasn’t exactly a normal standard for Colu. Her skin was slightly more teal then the outright green that graced Brainy’s. She looked around, not with distaste but curiosity. Calculating, but not malicious.

So, he appeared, shedding away his invisibility, expression friendly but eyes cautious as the crowd of other visitors surged around them. She looked like a lady on a mission after all. 

"You look like you need some directions." Lyle offered.

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Where does one put their hands in situations like this?

Brainiac’s mind is a eddying pool of surging emotions and physical sensations, his eyes going from too-wide to closed moments after Lyle’s mouth meets his own. It’s a simple thing to lean into the other boy’s touch, to rise up and meet the press of his lips and the heat of his body. Oddly enough, the feeling nearly drowns out 3/4ths of his thought tracks, leaving him floundering in instinct as to how to proceed.

It doesn’t seem right to simply let his arms rest on the bed when he’s become the recipient of such fervent affection, so he buries his hands in Lyle’s hair instead. It’s soft and still a little damp from the biochamber, sliding easily through his fingers as he draws his new mate closer, erasing the empty space between them. It’s only then that he even realizes neither of them are wearing much of anything, and that their proximity is allowing him to feel quite of bit of Lyle’s bare skin.

Mmm,” he murmurs in surprised approval when his bottom lip is tugged between the Terran’s teeth, a strange shivering exploding out from that spot to race along his skin and settle somewhere in his lower abdomen. It burns there, urging his hips to rise in a way that he’s positive is quite inappropriate considering the situation, but that is insanely difficult to resist.


Querl has never had much use (or occasion) for physical arousal, and in spite of the fact that he’s engaged in self-stimulation from time to time, this is quite obviously nothing like that. He can feel his hormone levels rising in tandem with his internal temperature at each new touch of Lyle’s fingertips, a light sweat breaking out on his forehead as he maneuvers the two of them onto their sides so he can wrap the Terran up in his arms more effectively. He wasn’t aware that this was part of the early stages of Earthling courting rituals, but he can’t bring himself to question it when he doesn’t have to. Perhaps their extended rivalry and subsequent friendship replaces some of the traditional steps of human romantic entanglements?

Pulling away for air when he begins to feel woozy, he blinks open his eyes and tries to focus. “Impressive. Even that short bout of physical interaction has caused my vasopressin levels to raise by—” he calculates the figure “—7.6%.”

There’s no denying it anyway, not with their proximity being what it is; he risks reaching out with his toe to run it along the smooth skin of Lyle’s ankle before quickly pulling back.

“I make the logical assumption that you are still agreeable to my proposal?” he whispers, biting at his bottom lip when he suddenly remembers the circumstances that led them to this point. It had hardly been ideal conditions, what with Lyle being half-dead, barely revived and half-conscious. Now that Querl is more awake he realizes he should have been more concerned that Lyle might change his mind. Who wouldn’t? Yet, the last five minutes clearly display evidence to the contrary. “I’d thought perhaps you’d come to your senses upon awakening.”

“I hope you grasp the reality of what you’re getting into.” A small, slightly self-depreciating smile before he reaches up to brush his fingers behind Lyle’s ear. Physical touch, he’s read, is soothing to Earthlings…not to mention he’s finding he rather likes it himself. “I believe almost everyone would warn you that I am hardly an ideal mate.”

Sprock everyone!" Lyle says before Brainy can even finish speaking, their words blending together in the tiny room. He leans forward for emphasis into the small distance that had been made as they drew back from the kiss. Immediately, Lyle feels his tongue swell at the other’s expression, extending into the quiet, and balks openly at his own forwardness.

Too loud. Too passionate. Too much for something so new. He should know better.

The Terran blinks rapidly, trying so very hard to not let his gaze drop in sheepishness, but eventually, he loses the fight, dropping his head against the pillowing mattress under them and scowling down at it. Away from those green eyes. His ears feel hot. Could Brainy feel it? His hand is still lingering there, where he touched, barely brushing Lyle’s hair. There’s a dry patch in his throat that he clears awkwardly. “What would they know, anyways?” An outright pout is palpable in his tone. “Not about you.” He curls up his shoulders defensively. Mutters. “Not about me.”

How could anyone who protested understand, anyways? This was once in a lifetime! A once in a million chance. Brainiac 5 wanted him. Him! He was the exact opposite of Brainy’s consistent type. Statistically it made no sense. He wasn’t female. He wasn’t blond or strong, with lovely hips or delicate, inviting features. But despite all of that, despite all the data convincing with quite positivity this day would never come, here he was; Lyle Norg, tangled in sheets with his best friend. His heart racing with anxious disbelief. An anomaly. A brilliant, beautiful, heart-breaking anomaly. Couldn’t they see?

Sprock anyone who couldn’t.

"But… if you’re really concerned. About me. You know… not being sure. Don’t be." Lyle finally glanced up, through his damp bangs. "Might have made things a bit easier on me if I could be argued out of it. But… I can’t. Sorry.”

If years of longing, trying to nitpick every flaw, every rhyme or reason to let these feelings fade, it was hard to believe anything could.



You are worth every word of love. Worth every good deed. Worth every smile, every tear of joy. You are worth the suns rays and the warm air. You are worth the happiness and the laughter. You are worth everything good and beautiful. You are beautiful and wonderful, and never let anyone tell you otherwise. If you ever feel like you are unloved, think again, because I will always love you.



"Oh… Uhm, wow. I. Thank you? I was not expecting anything like this…"

"You didn’t see why they would what? Want to send you love letters? You do you realize that you’re—"


"Anyway…I…yes. I am. Should you…desire that sort of…yes. How do you feel about iambic pentameter?"

The iamb—NO… No. I mean. You don’t have to do that, Brainy, don’t worry about it!” 

"Honestly, it’s just the fact that you would… Well… Heh, that’s sweet, y’know?”



Ever? In the galaxy?

… Okay maybe not everysingleone.


But enough so that I can find one that Brainiac 5 will eat without frowning!

"….Brainy? Wow, good luck, you might just need that whole list after all! He doesn’t strike me as a sweets type…”

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