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An Indie RP blog of Lyle Norg, aka Invisible Kid, of "The Legion of Superheroes," Reboot Continuity. Sometimes NSFW.

I use chibi!Lyle to express my frustrations.

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LOSH had a legit high school AU moment already but… Student Council Brainy is hard to resist drawing.

(My roomie in college gave me a high school AU sketch as a gift and I treasure it to this day.)

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Oh boys…

Oh boys…


Finding cute Kitty images and editing them even though Lyle isn’t a girl anymore don’t judge me.

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"No, you’re not. Do not lie to me; I am not an idiot. I know you cannot calm that quickly."


He sighed, shaking his head. “Would you like an embrace, perhaps? Mine are typically well-received, or you could voice any concerns to me. I can certainly keep a secret, Lyle; you may speak to me about this all you like, and I will not pass it along to anyone.”

Brainy… was offering to hug him?

"…I look that bad, huh?" He half joked, his attempted laugh a little strained. 

"I’ve… never talked to anyone about this. I thought I was doing decently at hiding it.”

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[i’m just going to lay down. and never get up. okay. ye that sounds good.]

((ilu tho *face touch*

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"Lyle, do you truly believe I go off and tell people I don’t even know of my friend’s feelings for them? While I will stand by my statement you have nothing to fear, I will not do so."

Carefully, he closed the distance between them, reaching out to rest a hand on Lyle’s shoulder.



He folds his arms tightly. Sucks in a breath through his nose.

"I am calm.”

It was just years of self imposed emotional repression being exposed.

He swallows. 

"I am completely calm.”

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"…Lyle. Now it’s 100%. Calm down."


"I do not understand such an expression."


"That’s—- No, that’s inaccurate—- Why would you think I ….”

"…Sprock, please don’t say anything to him.”

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Opinion on;

Character in general: BABU BRAINY. I watched the Legion cartoon when I was in high school and I always adored how they interpreted him. I still love his voice!
How they play them: Gosh, um, brilliantly?! Brainy is so well rounded and yet has such a strong foundation in what we were given in canon. We can really see how he’s growing and learning, it isn’t at the whim of the writer. It’s like watching a plant grow, and wanting to help nurture it along the way. I love seeing their posts on my dash.
The Mun: Mun is a total sweetheart and I love having someone who has such a high standard and desire for quality in this fandom behind the helm of one of it’s most misinterpreted characters.

Do I:

RP with them: Uhm YES? I love the side of Lyle that comes out when he’s with this Brainy.
Want to RP with them: ALL DAY ERR DAY.

What is my;

Overall Opinion: Fantastic RPer, fantastic person, great fandom friend~ Highly recommend to anyone interested in RPing, be it a DC muse or not.

**Note: Mun’s answer are all to be completely honest. Don’t send url if you don’t want brutal honesty

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